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AusLogics Registry Defrag 9.1

Defragments and compacts your system registry, increasing its access speed
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There are many actions you can take to optimize your system and regain its old speed and performance. No doubt one of those actions is registry defragmentation, which compacts your registry and speeds-up the access to it. To achieve this, you need to resource to a specialized tool such as AusLogics Registry Defrag, which performs the mentioned task in a very simple and intuitive way. Even though there are many system optimization tools available on the software market, just a few of them include registry defragmentation capabilities, so that you may still need to use a complementary tool like AusLogics Registry Defrag even if you use other optimization utilities.

The program's user interface could not be easier to use. Its first screen just explains you the process that will be performed (registry analysis, fragmentation details and defragmentation itself), and you can start it by simply clicking on the "Analyze" button. This action starts the registry analysis and then shows you the current registry status and the possible optimization, both in a visual way. The program also tells you how much you registry size can be reduced and how much its access speed can be increased, both in percentage format. You can also select whether to create a system restore point before executing the registry defragmentation, and whether to do it immediately or during the next system boot. Note that the immediate registry defragmentation also requires rebooting your system, so it's very advisable that you close all your documents and running programs before proceeding with this option.

Finally, I have to mention that AusLogics Registry Defrag includes other tools like an automatic registry optimization one that allows you to select the categories that will be optimized periodically among user data, history data and Windows data. The program can even perform a general system analysis and detect other kinds of errors such as registry errors, disk fragmentation and privacy threats, but to fix them you need to download and install AusLogics BootSpeed.

In conclusion, I would say that AusLogics Registry Defrag seamlessly performs its main job and even includes some extra registry-related maintenance tools. I would also say that both the registry analysis and optimization processes are performed in a very fast and safe way. Unfortunately, this "free" program installs a third-party tool (Web Companion by Lavasoft) that is not necessary at all and without asking for authorization, although you can remove it later manually.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very simple and easy-to-use interface
  • It can create a system restore point before defragmenting your registry
  • Includes some complementary registry maintenance tools
  • Fast registry analysis and defragmentation


  • Installs a third-party tool (Web Companion by Lavasoft) that is not necessary at all, and without asking for authorization
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