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AusLogics Registry Defrag 9.0

It defragments and optimizes your Windows registry in three simple steps
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Registry fragmentation is a common problem that will eventually appear on your system due to programs installation/removal, changes to the configuration or even simple daily usage. This problem may cause undesirable effects like system slowness, instability and unexpected crashes, among others. Fortunately, there are tools like AusLogics Registry Defrag, which defragments and optimizes your registry in three simple steps, leaving it like new. The program does its job in a really safe and fast way, and completely free of charge.

The program's user interface is very simple and intuitive, and starts explaining you briefly the three steps that will be executed. Then you can simply click the "Analyze" button for the program to start analyzing your registry. I would say AusLogics Registry Defrag performs this operation in a very short time, as compared with other registry defragmentation utilities I have tried before. Next, the program shows you a visual report of your registry status. You will see a representation of the allocated space as well as the fragmented portions of your registry, and how it will look after the defragmentation. The program also tells you how much your registry can be optimized. Then, you can select whether to create a restore point before starting the defragmentation or not, and select to reboot your system and start the process immediately, or do it with the next system reboot. Or you can simply click the "Close" button if you decide to not optimize your registry yet.

AusLogics Registry Defrag also includes a complementary module called "Registry Optimization" that you can enable or disable. When enabled, it optimizes your registry automatically and periodically, so you do not even need to worry about it. You can also select the categories to be optimized - user data, history data and/or Windows data.

In a nutshell, AusLogics Registry Defrag performs a very important task which is rarely included in other system optimization suites: registry defragmentation. Through this operation you can get a faster, lighter and more stable system, so I would recommend you to execute it on your PC on a regular basis.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very intuitive.
  • Shows you a visual report of your registry status.
  • Allows you to create a restore point before optimizing your registry.
  • Fast registry analysis and defragmentation.
  • Includes the "Registry Optimization" module


  • The "Registry Optimization" module may be a bit hard to find for beginners
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