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AusLogics Registry Defrag is a handy tool that lets you defragment the registry
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Since the registry is a very important part of your system, whose state directly affects the functioning and the performance level of your computer, maintaining it in top shape is always a good idea. In order to keep the registry in top shape, defragmenting it is also very important. Fragmented registry can prolong the data access times and make your computer perform worse than usual. AusLogics Registry Defrag is a handy tool that lets you quickly and easily defragment the registry of your system.

AusLogics Registry Defrag is very easy-to-use. Its simple and straightforward interface will pose no problems to anyone. Even complete beginners can use this neat tool without any problem. After analyzing your registry, it provides a visual representation of its current state, meant to help you decide if defragmentation is required, or not. If it’s required, you can start it right away with the press of a button. Since the program also lets you know what exactly the results of the defragmentation will be (by how much your registry will be reduced in terms of its size and by how much the defragmentation will increase the registry access speed), the aforementioned decision making gets to be an easy process.

Another remarkable advantage of this neat little tool is the fact that the registry analysis time is very short. It will quickly scan and analyze the registry and won’t waste any of your precious time. Furthermore, it allows creating system restore points before defragmenting the registry.

To sum it all up, AusLogics Registry Defrag is a safe, fast, and easy solution to defragment your registry. Best of all, it’s also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Neat and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast analysis


  • Requires system restart in order to complete the defragmentation
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