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AusLogics Registry Defrag 10.1

Defragment and compact your Windows Registry to restore system stability
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Keeping a healthy Windows Registry is synonym to keeping a healthy computer. Auslogics Registry Defrag compacts the Registry to allow for a fastest access to its data and a minimum use of your system’s memory. Once your Windows Registry has been fully defragmented using this tool, you’ll see your PC or laptop running more smoothly and with a higher level of stability.

The program’s interface is clean, elegant, and straightforward. It just couldn’t be any other way, especially if we take into account that Registry defragmentation is the only function that the program offers. This simple operation has been broken down into three simple steps – Registry Analysis, Fragmentation Details, and the Defragmentation process itself. Thus, after performing a graphical cluster-by-cluster analysis of your Registry hives (in a before-and-after fashion), you’re presented with a minimalist report stating whether your system’s Registry requires defragmentation or not. As a bonus, the program offers you an optimization feature that will monitor your registry for errors and unused keys in real time and fixing them right away.

Compacting the Registry is not the only maintenance task that this sensitive area of your OS requires to guarantee a smooth performance. Getting rid of obsolete entries, broken links, and leftovers from uninstalled apps is equally important, not to mention offering to more savvy users the possibility of editing the Registry themselves. None of these essential functions is present in this one-feature tool, but that is no coincidence.

Auslogics commercializes BootSpeed, an all-in-one system optimization tool that includes a Registry Cleaner, which essentially performs a number of the above-mentioned tasks. Registry Defrag recommends you to run its General System Status Check, which, most likely, will find thousands of “Registry issues” and privacy threats that only Auslogics BootSpeed can fix for you. For a price, of course. This in-app advertising techniques, together with the alarming results they usually produce, turn apparently useful (though limited) free apps like Registry Cleaner in nothing but a showcase for other commercial products that you may or may not be interested in. This totally respectable advertising technique has always this adverse effect on me, though I confess that the program’s interest in adding a few useless tools to my collection during the installation process should have made me suspect.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Quick Registry analysis.
  • Registry optimization tool.
  • Real-time monitoring


  • One-function application.
  • No access to registry entries.
  • Advertising system status check
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