AusLogics Registry Defrag

AusLogics Registry Defrag

Increase performance by defragmenting the registry
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Auslogics Registry Defrag can increase your system’s performance by defragmenting the registry. This operation not only optimizes space but also speeds up searching for particular entries. The program has a very simple interface. Luckily, all the operations are done in wizard fashion, so there is practically nothing new to learn in order to use the tool successfully.

The software can scan the registry and give you important information related to its fragmentation status. Then, you can decide if you want to proceed with the defragging. As an additional but useful information, you can also know how much your registry can be shrunk and its effects on system speed. You should know that defragmenting the registry requires rebooting the system; but, fortunately, this process does not take long. Since messing with the registry always entails risks, it is excellent that the program can create restore points, which allows reverting any undesirable effects.

If you trust the program and want to automate registry defragging, it is possible to schedule automatic optimizations, which do not require your intervention. Moreover, the tool can perform a checkup on your system’s health, including such aspects as unneeded files, disk fragmentation and privacy issues. In this respect, you can get only to the point of receiving the report because actually fixing the problem requires downloading an additional tool, called Auslogics Bootspeed.

All in all, Auslogics Registry Defrag can actually have an impact on computer speed. However, registry defragmentation is usually implemented in most system optimizers, which also support multiple other features. The tool is free to use, but it is also ad-supported. In this regard, I advise you to be careful while installing the program or you may end up installing other probably undesired products and even changing your browser’s default page.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates restore points
  • Checks system health
  • Automatic registry defrags


  • Shows various ads
  • Prompts you to download other software
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